Experience simplicity

The simple pleasure of relaxation in a modern camp aesthetic. 

Procida Camp & Resort - the Brand

Procida Camp & Resort stands for luxurious outdoor vacations with a tasteful design and highly personalised customer service. We aim to bring a touch of lifestyle and design into our camps, plus innovative accommodations that make sure your experience is adventurous yet comfortable. You feel at home at a Procida Camp Resort location while you are being encouraged to explore the adventure that surrounds our beautiful locations.

3 years after starting the Procida Camp & Resort brand, we have now taken our passion for innovation, lifestyle and design to our next location. Working together with local and international partners we have restyled the old camp and re-created that familiar Camp Resort emotion.

The connections between the 2 locations can be found in the interior designs, high customer service and care for local flora. Using the colours of the island each space and lodge tells the story of Procida and its inhabitants.

Procida Camp Resort - Ciraccio

Completely renovated and revitalised in 2022, Ciraccio has become the ultimate modern camp experience – a beautiful mix of the beachy outdoors and the comfortable amenities of home.


Procida Camp & Resort – Ciraccio, just steps away from Ciraccio beach, hosts a unique camp experience on the beautiful island of Procida. The camp is situated right near the sea and offers a tranquil holiday experience with various distinct accommodation and features a glamorous cocktail bar and kitchen. Your stay at Ciraccio is set up to be the much needed getaway you’ve been searching for.